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Enso No.1 (Genesis 2001)
Kathleen Roman
Enso No.1 (Genesis 2001)

Encaustic with mixed media
11" x 9"

Wax, especially hot wax, is a very seductive medium. It can be manipulated to be transparent or opaque, smooth as glass or highly textured. I explore the relationships between these opposing elements seeking to orchestrate a dialog between them while creating an energy, a sense of depth, of luminosity and calm.

Working primarily with natural and tinted beeswax and oil paint, embedded drawings and other ephemera, I am guided by intuition, experimentation and an exploration of the materials as much as by my emotional response to the painting as it develops. It is all about the process: finding a sense of order, refuge and letting go, becoming immersed in the moment and the physicality of engaging the surface.