Past Exhibitions > Contemporary Encaustic 2017

Thomas Roth

Encaustic on wood panel
24" x 20" x 2"

My sculptural relief work focuses on process, surface, light, and form. It is about the exploration of image surfaces and the illusion of change. The change aspect is enhanced by light on the form in three dimensional space. My photographs freeze moments of movement, but do not allow for seeing the object from another angle. When a viewer changes their point of view of one of my relief forms, a completely different aspect of the artwork appears, and the perception of the work changes significantly.

My curiosity and evolving process inspire whatever comes next. I hope that the viewer will appreciate the creativity involved in the process as well as the aesthetics of the finished object. My work evolves with every new piece. I never really know exactly how the completed work will look. My improvised dance with the medium leads to surprises and spontaneous effects.