Past Exhibitions > Contemporary Encaustic 2017

Trish Ramsey

Wax, pigment, thread on wood panel
16" x 16" x 2"

My work explores the push and pull of figural, spatial and relational states of being. Using cotton thread, pigment and bee’s wax, I work within a shallow pictorial space on wood panels. I build up, carve away, layer and imbed color, line and imagery.

While doing research in Japan, I became enamored with the evocative simplicity of Japanese textile design of the late Shōwa Era (1926-1989). The limited depth of field and treatment of space I found in various painted and stenciled silks have influenced my investigation in this body of work.

Themes that circulate in my work are metaphors to my daily life: solitude, symbiosis, entanglement, flexibility and gratitude.