Past Exhibitions > Contemporary Encaustic 2017

Cry for LOVE 7-#19
Misako Oba
Cry for LOVE 7-#19

Encaustic, oil, ink, and paper on wood panel
10" x 10" x 1"

People today love and suffer as ancient people did. We face the same feelings and issues as humans. It’s beyond time and space, I realized. The collection of 7-13th century Japanese 100 poems are re-written for my project by my father, a master of Japanese calligraphy, (who passed away last year.) I created art with encaustic, layering and combining with BOTH ancient and hi-tech medium in the series Beyond Time & Space.

The images in my work may look as if from Japan, but I intentionally used materials from America; my photo transfer as an actual witness of 21st century due to my series concept that depicts same emotion in different “time and space”. Part1 Cry for LOVE and Part2 Cry for LIFE completed. This summer I was invited to A.I.R. to create Part 3 by Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts in Wyoming.