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Memory's Landscape
Stephany Latham
Memory's Landscape
Contemporary Encaustic 2017 Silver Award Recipient

Encaustic, natural dyes
24" x 36" x 2"

My work explores a sense of place related to metaphorical themes of memory, time, as well as personal and collective narratives. I am often inspired by natural formations, textures and a palette largely influenced by the Midwest terrain and the Great Lakes region.

These experiences are expressed through using natural dyes combined with mark-making and sculptural elements. In this way, I integrate many components into process, by first gathering natural pigments on a walk, then capturing unique abstractions via an intuitive natural dye resist extraction process and manipulate color with encaustic medium. I view working with encaustic and natural dyes as a way to directly interact with the landscape; whereby the paintings become objects of memory, provoking feelings and recollections connected to specific places of meaning.