Past Exhibitions > Contemporary Encaustic 2017

Untitled (Iceberg 003)
Kate Snow
Untitled (Iceberg 003)

Patinmaking ink, gouache, encaustic medium
10" x 10" x 1.5"

As an artist, I find boundaries give me a starting point, a place from which to decide whether to stay within the rules or color outside the lines. Working with a limited palette and the most basic elements of design frees me to examine more complex ideas and ask deeper questions. To work minimally is to present just enough information for the viewer to create their own experience.

This body of work is a subtle exploration of our changing environment from the perspective of nonjudgmental observer. While the scientific evidence regarding climate change seems definitive, the debate continues. Tenuous claims and misleading assertions based on what we see have led many to eschew looking below the surface, both metaphorically and literally. These abstract, geometric icebergs represent the stark difference between what we see—in this instance seemingly impervious, continent-sized bodies of ice—and evidence of their true fragility under the surface and the very thin line that divides them.