Past Exhibitions > Contemporary Encaustic 2017

Winter Pilgrimage, Turner Falls Overlook
Matthew Jones
Winter Pilgrimage, Turner Falls Overlook

Encaustic on panel
10" x 10"

I am interested in the relationships humans have with our sites, both natural and artificial. I study parks, urban centers and draw attention to the moments where nature and urban meet. I deeply appreciate the balance; I find it apparent in the roads, bridges, tree lined boulevards and terraced gardens. What I most enjoy is seeing the transition where nature reasserts itself and the balance begins to swing.

When I approach a site I am conscious about what I could possibly take back and share with the world. I split my time between admiring the sites and evaluating the best vantage points for conveying my experience to the public. Through this I endeavor to bring attention to what most would consider mundane, the path, the rough stone of a weathered staircase, the bridging of two shores, the play of light on a river, yet I find these occurrences beautiful in their subtleties. I will travel hundreds of miles to see a promising state park but I’m more likely to walk to something local.