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Muffin Ray

Muffin transforms vintage quilt patches, found tapestries and other sumptuous yet cast-off textiles into broad fields of texture and color. She creates deep, mysterious surfaces soaked in resin, encaustic and oil-based media that preserve embroidered textures like primeval insects in amber. Then she juxtaposes areas of painting, frequently floral but sometimes wholly gestural, with the glazed and stained fabrics.

Ray pushes technical boundaries to invent a hybrid art — part assemblage and part painting — that carries viewers down a meandering sensory stream. Her paint handling echoes the art-historical trends of the last hundred years, while her discarded, re-adapted textiles seem to bear the ghosts of the former lives they've touched.

Mixed media on textile assemblage
36" x 48" x 2 1/2" deep
Flies, Blue Flies
Mixed media on textile assemblage
29" x 34"