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Up in Smoke
Terra cotta clay, oxidation fired, stainless steel wire fired in claws, acrylic paint, encaustic way, oil paint, smoking table
42 ¾” high x 14” wide x 16” deep

"I am a narrative artist that is passionate about clay. Clay gives me the placidity to capture my thoughts when it is wet, and permanency of the form when fired. My work is layered with meanings from my past, from other cultures and their history.

I was raised near the ocean in Southern California and later in life I move to this isolated mountain valley in Colorado. This journey has given me much imagery to express though my ceramic work. I use my own personal symbolism as well as borrowed symbols from my travels.

The figure has become of grave importance to the story-telling nature of my work. The clothing on the figures pays homage to the heritage of seamstresses in my lineage. Color is of the utmost significance in my work. My pallet choice is drawn from nature I view in my journeys. The layering of bold, vibrant colors invites the viewer to take a closer look. Once captivated, the viewer is asked to look at the details. Next, the viewer is welcomed to create their own story."