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Metis Engrafis
Metis Engrafis
Thought Recorder
Mixed Media
28" w x 17" t x 9.5" d

Metis Engrafis (Thought Recording Device)

Steampunk – Victorian Inspired Science Fiction

In Greek mythology, Metis was the first wife of Zeus. She personified "wisdom, good counsel, cunning and prudence". The Greek word “metis” is interpreted to mean "the most knowing" and "of many counsels". Metis became the Goddess of Deep Thought.

The Greek word for “recording” is Engrafis, so the name of this piece “Metis Engrafis” translates loosely to “Thought Recorder”.

A machine such as the “Metis Engrafis”, would allow the user to be able to tape record thoughts (without uttering a single word) simply by positioning oneself in front of the device.

Be careful what you think….it’s listening.