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The Edison Redbox
The Edison Redbox
Mixed Media
42" x 84" x 17" deep

THE INSPIRATION: Thomas Edison’s “Multiphone”

The design inspiration for my Steampunk Edison Redbox was the “Multiphone” an invention by Thomas Edison. Also known as Edison’s Jukebox the Multiphone played up to 24 songs which had been recorded on wax cylinders.

My Steampunk Edison Redbox is of course my interpretation of what a Redbox movie rental machine might have looked like in the Victorian era. In the finished Redbox you can see the design inspiration from Edison’s invention: the “grill” at the top of the piece, the curves of the brass on the sides which mimic the curves on the Edison Multiphone, the opening in front showing the inner-workings of the piece, and of course the rich red-mahogany color.